coFWD community sprang out of tuttle101 to launch Kent’s first coworking community and participatory workspace in 2011, at 161 High Street, Rochester.

coFWD provided inspiration and helped make a difference locally.

We were inspired by others and elsewhere but we didn’t really set out to start a business. We set out to make a positive difference to where we live, and to inspire people to get things done without the fear of red-tape or bureaucracy.

Community-led, with countless connections and many friends made, a staggering number of workshops and projects run, various businesses launched, and immeasurable amounts of fun had, coFWD closed its workspace doors on Friday 20th June 2014 but our community lives on!

To everyone who inspired us and everyone we’ve met, thank you so much. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm, and thank you for rolling up your sleeves to get things done, donating your time and equipment, and inspiring others to make their own positive mark on the world, locally and beyond.