Client Testimonials

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"Sometimes you need someone else or something else to cultivate the great creative thinking. For a crucial piece of creative thinking we asked Carl to help facilitate us, and use his creative methodologies, his knowledge of our market but crucially his distance from our consultancy to improve our chances of making the mental jumps we needed. It worked! Carl was patient, thoughtful and used fun, theory and careful interventions to help us find ourselves some little gems of thought. A good man and one I’m happy to recommend."
Will McInnes (Managing Director) NixonMcInnes

"Carl is my most trusted collaborator. Over the last decade we’ve worked together to build a wide range of communities and products. As the first coworker to join The Skiff in Brighton, he helped instil a set of values that ensured the community would flourish. Carl is the epitome of the perfect coworker. When he’s deeply involved in a project with you, as has been the case with Cabinbot, he pours in his whole attention caring about every detail. When you’re working on different things he asks the right questions at just the right moment to help you solve challenging problems. While his background is in design, Carl’s interests span the whole stack of an organisation. From code to contracts to team communication, Carl is the one person I can trust to help me in any situation."
Jonathan Markwell (Managing Director) Inuda Innovations

"There’s plenty of insight consultants and industry commentators but very few get their hands dirty realising their own ideas. Carl is usually working on something with foresight, ahead of the curve. One of the very first people I ever heard talking about technology and sustainability in the same sentence."
Christian Payne (Social Technologist) @documentally

"Carl was recommended as the potential ‘grit in the oyster’ that a revolutionary new scheme might need. His contributions were indeed challenging and questioned our organisational assumptions, but our thinking and approach was infinitely more experimental, robust and meaningful for his input. The technology based mapping and audit was very impressive work also, creating a solid foundation for the programme and a useful resource for organisations and residents alike. Carl has integrity, compassion, and is a thoroughly nice bloke. And he will make you pull your hair out, which is why you should work with him as soon as possible."
Catherine Herbert (Arts & Regeneration Officer) Kent County Council

"As founder and editor of WOW magazine, there have been several occasions since its launch I have desperately needed another’s perspective. A friend recommended that I approach Carl Jeffrey and ask him to act as ‘sounding-board’ and strategic thinker. His astonishingly good listening skills and ability to cut through the peripherals to reflect back to you a bigger picture make him a truly valuable walking resource for anyone with half a project, or a whole project which they would like to realise further. To say that Carl is not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in with any project before him is an understatement: he always goes the extra mile – for example he significantly helped me organise my business by creating excellent, useable spreadsheets and data documents that I still use today. He did this unbidden, and in his own time, because he believed in what I was doing and wanted to see it succeed. It is no small praise to say that Carl Jeffrey is the person responsible for keeping my small business going in its difficult fifth year. I can recommend him unreservedly."
Emma Dewhurst (Founder & Editor) WOW magazine

"From 100+ applicants we employed Carl for this R&D mission. 60,000 miles of cellular network surveying (2G/3G/4G/Mesh) delivered over an 18 month period for Telefónica/O2 and the Smart Meter Implementation Programme of Great Britain (SMIP). We entrusted him with £50k of the latest RF equipment and he delivered the highest-quality job: self motivated, well organised, great attention to detail, solves problems, technology savvy (software and hardware), 100% trustworthy and a pleasure to work with."
Mandy Bryer (Director) Aerial Target Systems Ltd

"Carl is a dynamic, creative and innovative entrepreneur who has become an invaluable advisor to NACUE. Carl has generously given his time and expertise to mentor and advise the NACUE team; facilitate workshops; speak at NACUE conferences and bootcamps; and, contribute training materials for the NACUE Learning Programme. I am delighted that he will continue to support NACUE as a 2010/11 Advisor."
Victoria Lennox (Founder) NACUE

"I can’t say enough good things about Carl, his work and his work ethic. Carl walked me through his creative/inspiration process and I know how much effort was put into my project designs. A professional throughout: working hard on projects, going the extra mile (like hand delivering printed designs when I was under tight deadlines), and noticing the tiniest details to ensure the design is perfect for the medium it’s being delivered in. I’ve been consistently impressed and I’m keen to work with him again – the next project is already underway."
Remy Sharp (Founder) Full-Frontal JavaScript Conference

"Carl is a veritable source of information, has a wealth of wisdom and experience, and somehow just knows exactly what you require from the sketchiest of requests.He saved us from spending tens of thousands developing a bespoke HR system for our small to mid-sized business. We already ran Sage Snowdrop, a complicated database which is so rigid it doesn’t allow for the diversity many media employers require. I rang Carl to see if he had any ideas and within a few hours an email appeared in my inbox with a list of amazing companies most people wouldn’t have heard of, but they made and maintained systems that were adaptable to our needs, at prices far more reflective of our sized business. Interestingly, I had already spent a day researching our problem and had only come across companies that sold a non-fitting database that I thought we’d have to bend to make work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carl on a few occasions, his ability to think about even the most trivial parts of the puzzle can save a potential fortune."
Karl Dawkins (Director of Technology) Argonon

"A legend for all your help and encouragement! You truly are a rare kind of Fellow – never lose the enthusiasm and sincerity. It was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to the next time! All the very best."
Jack Butler (Founder) Future Foundations

"I could not think of a better business partner – honest, 100% reliable with a great sense of urgency and humour (!), definitely exceeding customer’s expectations. HEEG have been working with Fellow for over a year now and we are looking forward to further successful cooperation."
Mariola Zymla (Regional Coordinator) Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG)

"Fellow provided an amazingly quick response, they perceptively challenged us about what we required and delivered far beyond our expectations. The finished product really helped us secure creative training contracts with HMV and Banana Republic."
Caroline Esterson (Managing Director) Leaps & Bounds

"I continue to be impressed at the consistently high level of service that Fellow Creative offer. The ease with which Fellow has facilitated our website design (in full consultation with us) and the way in which the website management has been made so accessible to me and my staff has been nothing short of miraculous."
Tania Holland (Managing Director) Curious Planet

"I employed Fellow to produce an advertisement to raise my company’s profile, after an initial meeting I was quickly presented with a range of concepts that were not only perfect for the intended purpose but original! I subsequently used Fellow for several campaigns, all of which were produced to the same high standard."
Peter Love (Managing Director) Systemair (UK)

"I’m absolutely delighted with your work and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about the website so thank you very much. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to other people and you’re very welcome to use me as a reference whenever you like."
Allan McGregor (General Manager) AMA Professional Development (UK)

"The work carried out on the EA ‘Challenge Everything’ calendar was remarkable, we started with a mere idea of what we wanted, the art-work didn’t just cover that but also proved an insight into the initiation process of developing a game, which was truly inspiring."
(Northern Region Executive Coordinator) Electronic Arts