#thebridgepodcast #1 (June) is available here.

#thebridgepodcast #2 (July) was produced and edited by Merle Cordier @Merleamelia (http://merleamelia.wordpress.com) and is bought to you by:

Steven Keevil @OnMeJack (http://www.bit.ly/StevenKeevil)
Katie Fotis @KatieFotis (http://katiefotis.wordpress.com)
Manny @Mannyer (http://elmradioshow.wordpress.com)
Carl Jeffrey @FellowCreative (http://bit.ly/5mQS5h)

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Ben Walker @ihatemornings for allowing us to include his legendary Unofficial Twitter Song (please do checkout his other fantastic tunes at http://ihatemornings.com).

We’d also like to give an additional hat-tip to @Kosso for inspiring the VITAL (sharing creativity throughout the web) concept – as well as offer a big thank you for kindly hosting the above Phreadz Player.

If you’ve enjoyed the Podcast thus far, here’s a link to the 2010 Lunar Calendar so you’re aware of future release dates.

#2 VITAL Content:

Banksy Image – Balloon Girl, Always Hope
Elizabeth Guilbert Ted Talk – Nurturing Genius (including her bestseller ‘Eat, Pray, Love’)
aSofterWorld.com (plus reference to Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Inception)
Kate Tempest – Teens’ Speech (with reference to Sound of Rum, Scroobius Pip & Dan Lesac)
Jill Bolte Taylor – Powerful Stroke of Insight

Other things mentioned on the show:

http://twitter.com (with Apps such as TweetDeck and Tweetie)
Tristan Osbourne’s (Labour) blog post about Steven being a keen Bridge player? *~)
Social Media Picnik (George Orwell and Christian Payne @documentally)
Zandra Rhodes – KIAD/UCA graduate / fashion designer
Dan Thompson at http://emptyshopsnetwork.com
Information on Chatham Bandstand
Steven in a tux (picture)
Banksy vs Bristol Museum
Richard St. John
Marion Cotillard
Amanda PalmerI Google You‘ by Neil Gaiman
http://FlipBoard.com (with ref. to @lonelysandwich http://vimeo.com/12642013)
Isle of Grain
Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005
ELM radio show (Manny)
Rock ‘n rant – Brad Harmer and http://www.emotionallyfourteen.com
VITAL is inspired by @kosso at Phreadz.com
Tuttle101 & Tipple101
& HyperLocal Activity (Rochester, Medway, Kent)

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