Proudly announcing Tuttle101 & Tipple.101
this April 2010. Organised by James & Natasha.

Thank you! ¡~)

Tipple.101 by James @BecomeKnown – Tuttle.101 by @NatashaSexton

April 2010 sees two meetup’s planned…

Building upon the success of @BecomeKnown’s March meetup (which received a great review in the local news and attracted some new faces) I’m very happy to see a true Tuttle101 community spirit emerging – hope to see you at one/both of these:


Evening Tipple101 by James @BecomeKnown

Tipple101 – Tues 20th April 2010 (7:00 pm) – organised by James @BecomeKnown – click here for more details!!

Venue: *somewhere* inside The George Vaults Rochester (Kent)
(35 The High Street, Rochester – click here for a map)


Morning Tuttle.101 by Natasha @NatashaSexton

Tuttle101 – Monday 26th April 2010 (9:30 am) – organised by Natasha @NatashaSexton – click here for more details!!

Venue: upstairs in The George Vaults Rochester (Kent)
(35 The High Street, Rochester – click here for a map)

In addition… some feedback on the following would be most welcome please! ‘-)

Since I organised the first Tuttle.101 back in September 2009 I’ve tried to encourage one simple philosophy: ‘Tuttle101 is not owned or run by me @FellowCreative, it is in fact owned by, and exists because of a growing community of people – and this means that the community are free to shape it, use it, or discard it, as they please’.

I’ve done my utmost to keep the Tuttle and Tipple experience(s) very separate from the world’s of sales, marketing, corporate sponsorship and paid-monthly-memberships but since January I must admit that I have given much thought to the introduction of a logo/identity, not because I want to constrain, dictate or monetize, but because I believe that such a visual key may be useful in establishing further community support.

E.g. over the past few months various people have asked me if I could supply them some  visual assets for blog posts and articles but I’ve had nothing to give them – I’m convinced there’s only so many photos of people drinking coffee you can handle =)

With the above in mind, I’d like to introduce two things and I’d love to hear your thoughts please:

  1. an eNewsletter sign-up system (built using CampaignMonitor or MailChimp) to send out a single email notification each month to a Tuttle.101 and Tipple.101 attendee list (1 email per month, with a simple subscribe/unsubscribe feature – it’ll be concise and to the point, with a simple design theme!).

  2. two logo’s for community use – one logo for tuttle.101, the other for tipple.101 (please tell me what you think of the following, they have been designed to work alongside pretty much anything in terms of imagery or colour – if the community like them I’ll prepare a host of downloadable assets for you to use on blog posts – and as you see fit).

Tuttle.101 & Tipple.101 Identity Proposal
The above identity designs can also be found and commented on at

More information on Tuttle.101 can be found here.
More information on Tipple.101 can be found here.
More Information on Floor.101 can be found here.

Are you attending Tuttle.101 next month?
Monday 9th November (starts 9:30am)

Following this months successful Tuttle.101 I’m happy to announce there’ll be another in November – this time we’re aiming for at least 25 attendees and we’ve already got a coffee sponsor – big thanks to Steve Rowland of Made In Medway and Stephen Bartholomew of Curve21 ‘-)

On Monday 9th November 2009 (between 9:30am – 12:30pm)
(otherwise known as Social Media Café Medway)
will be upstairs in The George Vaults Rochester
(35 The High Street, Rochester – click here for a map)


Photo: Tuttle.101 in Rochester, Medway (Kent) Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Peter Harris

What is Tuttle?

The Tuttle Club is a loose association of people working better together both online and off.

It is not a business networking event. It is simply a meeting place for people to share in conversation, have a coffee, work on their laptop (with free WiFi), and hopefully talk to complete strangers about what they are reading, inspired by, or perhaps even working on in their shed or spare time – hopefully leading to some creative collaboration and long-term innovation.

In this video, Lloyd Davis (the Founder of Tuttle) loosely outlines it’s story in conversation with Chris Dalby:

You don’t need to sign-up to attend but please do leave a comment below (with preferably your name and email) so there’s a rough idea who and how many are coming.

If you’d like more information please email ( or call me directly (Carl: 07929 601737).
More information on the ‘now global’ Tuttle Club can be found via the original tuttleclub blog.

We look forward to meeting you there =)

Tuttle.101 proves to be an Inspired Success! =)

Please click here for the latest information on Tuttle101

Yesterday (Monday 5th October 2009), the upper floor of The George Vaults in Rochester (Kent) housed the first Tuttle.101


Photo: Tuttle.101 in Rochester, Medway (Kent) Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Peter Harris

Announced only six days previous, and with very little organization (one blog post, two phone calls, twelve emails and a few initial tweets) resulted in a somewhat impressive attendee list of fourteen – no mean feat considering it was held at 9.30am on a rainy Monday morning (plus the fact at least four people got in touch to say they couldn’t make it this time round but would definitely come to the potential ‘next one’).

Attendees traveled to the Rochester venue from as far away as Cranbrook (an hour journey by car) so I remain convinced that there is a need for Tuttle gatherings in Kent.

With folk like Rob oCallagham already running Tuttle Royal Tunbridge Wells (tuttle.rtw) and initiatives like @CanterburyGeeks drawing crowds of twenty+ each month, I’m encouraged to find the seeds of a seemingly underground ‘Digital Creative’ community that is indeed willing to get out from behind their laptop monitor provided a platform for real-world inspiration and conversation presents itself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who arrived with open minds and enthusiasm (full attendee list below) – I do hope everyone got something interesting out of the conversation and I’m happy to find that the initial feedback has been extremely positive.

As for what happens next, that’s up to you… I’d certainly like to organize another tuttle.101 to support the Digital Creatives (and the wider community of interesting folk) in Medway but a once a week commitment would be a struggle at present. This said, Tuttle in Royal Tunbridge Wells is every Wednesday (and has a monthly social ‘twuddle’ session in a pub) and I’ve also heard discussions about a potential Tuttle.Maidstone; there also appears to be a host of tweetups across Kent (including one this month being hosted by Wonderful Creative). This makes me wonder if a rolling Carousel of Tuttle events might actually be the most useful and worthwhile route forward.

My final thought is that we had no female attendees even though I personally invited five – if you know of any please do share this post with them!

Thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts… ;-)

PS: If anyone is wondering why its called Tuttle.101 instead of Tuttle.Medway please do click here and read the post!

Tuttle.101 attendee list 5/10/09 (in no specific order):

Rob oCallagham @robocallaghan
Chris Dalby @yellowpark (
James Yourke @BecomeKnown (
Ahmed Nuaman @ahmednuaman (
Tom Lindridge @FutureBlogging (
David Bahia @DavidBahia
Peter Harris @Sarchi (
Brian Condon @brian_condon (
Alastair Wood @alastairwood (
Russ McVeigh (
Steve Fleming (
Peter Micklewright (
Steve Rowland ( and founder of MadeInMedway)
Duncan Court (
Carl Jeffrey @fellowcreative (

Plus some folk who’ve already expressed an interest in the next one:

Alex McIntyre @alex_mcintyre
Mark Phipps @fipz
Simon Wakeman @simonwakeman
Simon Mohr @canterburygeeks (
Tim Deeson @deeson_emedia (
Ben Breckler @benbreckler (
Ciaran Oliver @kentpictures (