Proudly announcing Tuttle101 & Tipple.101
this April 2010. Organised by James & Natasha.

Thank you! ¡~)

Tipple.101 by James @BecomeKnown – Tuttle.101 by @NatashaSexton

April 2010 sees two meetup’s planned…

Building upon the success of @BecomeKnown’s March meetup (which received a great review in the local news and attracted some new faces) I’m very happy to see a true Tuttle101 community spirit emerging – hope to see you at one/both of these:


Evening Tipple101 by James @BecomeKnown

Tipple101 – Tues 20th April 2010 (7:00 pm) – organised by James @BecomeKnown – click here for more details!!

Venue: *somewhere* inside The George Vaults Rochester (Kent)
(35 The High Street, Rochester – click here for a map)


Morning Tuttle.101 by Natasha @NatashaSexton

Tuttle101 – Monday 26th April 2010 (9:30 am) – organised by Natasha @NatashaSexton – click here for more details!!

Venue: upstairs in The George Vaults Rochester (Kent)
(35 The High Street, Rochester – click here for a map)

In addition… some feedback on the following would be most welcome please! ‘-)

Since I organised the first Tuttle.101 back in September 2009 I’ve tried to encourage one simple philosophy: ‘Tuttle101 is not owned or run by me @FellowCreative, it is in fact owned by, and exists because of a growing community of people – and this means that the community are free to shape it, use it, or discard it, as they please’.

I’ve done my utmost to keep the Tuttle and Tipple experience(s) very separate from the world’s of sales, marketing, corporate sponsorship and paid-monthly-memberships but since January I must admit that I have given much thought to the introduction of a logo/identity, not because I want to constrain, dictate or monetize, but because I believe that such a visual key may be useful in establishing further community support.

E.g. over the past few months various people have asked me if I could supply them some  visual assets for blog posts and articles but I’ve had nothing to give them – I’m convinced there’s only so many photos of people drinking coffee you can handle =)

With the above in mind, I’d like to introduce two things and I’d love to hear your thoughts please:

  1. an eNewsletter sign-up system (built using CampaignMonitor or MailChimp) to send out a single email notification each month to a Tuttle.101 and Tipple.101 attendee list (1 email per month, with a simple subscribe/unsubscribe feature – it’ll be concise and to the point, with a simple design theme!).

  2. two logo’s for community use – one logo for tuttle.101, the other for tipple.101 (please tell me what you think of the following, they have been designed to work alongside pretty much anything in terms of imagery or colour – if the community like them I’ll prepare a host of downloadable assets for you to use on blog posts – and as you see fit).

Tuttle.101 & Tipple.101 Identity Proposal
The above identity designs can also be found and commented on at

More information on Tuttle.101 can be found here.
More information on Tipple.101 can be found here.
More Information on Floor.101 can be found here.

Support Notes for #NSEC Presentation
Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday (28/03/2010) I took part in a Social Media Marketing panel at the National Student Enterprise Conference hosted by @nacue

I was honored to accept the invitation to share my experiences of the Social Web but before I said yes to anything I did make it very clear that I am neither a Social Media Consultant nor a qualified marketeer – it was only later that I discovered whom else was on the panel – I was humbled to be in the presence of Penny Power, Ryan Pinnick and Hermione Way! ;-)

I’d also like to thank all the enthusiastic folk I met yesterday – your energy, tweets and blog posts were/are greatly appreciated =)

Social Media Marketing Panel

Here’s a written summary of my somewhat non-linear Slideshare presentation (below). Please also note I’ve adapted my original post to include some thoughts that stem from the panel session – the trend lists at the end are my thoughts alone.

Zig Ziglar
(the sales guru) suggests every sale has Five Basic Obstacles:

No need
No money
No hurry
No desire
No trust

I believe: traditional marketing and advertising place a focus on the first two (they present a market need and provide an affordable price-point) but Social Media and Conversation can help tackle the last three by developing/empowering long-term relationships and personable trust/transparency between people/individuals through passion/enthusiasm and understanding – I paraphrase @PennyPower when I say ‘Social Networks (online and off) are built upon friendship’ – helping, listening and inspiring – not through traditional marketing, advertising, selling or preaching!

I believe: modeling/building/funding/supporting Social Media platforms and Social Interactions through unsocial behaviors such as selling, ego, marketing and advertising present much pause for concern and contemplation – its not sustainable, it only devalues the words ‘Social’ and ‘Friend’!

Zig Ziglar suggests “People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons” and these are 9 points from Zig’s 11 point list for establishing a sale:

1. Establish value before you quote a price
2. Involve your customer with your product as quickly as possible
4. Focus on relationships not transcription
5. Ask high gain and high impact questions
6. Accept the fact that some prospects really don’t want to think it over
7. Logic makes people think, emotions make people act
8. Make it easy for the buyer to buy
9. Interpret your benefits not your features
10. Listen first, then explain

I believe: many ‘short-sighted and traditional’ Marketeers and Brands see the above behaviors through traditional lenses and sadly they are manipulating them for short term financial gain – this is not sustainable! I urge anyone venturing into the Social Web to buy a pair of binoculars and look at the bigger picture! >its growing by the day!<

I believe that being Social (online and off) can empower everything on the above list – please realize that there are no quick wins in regards to a financial return and it should not be the number one driving force – being ‘Social’ and being a ‘Friend’ is unlikely to make you a millionaire but it will develop you as a person and it’ll certainly make you opportunity rich! its truly amazing how many people want to help a friend who’s helped them!

I believe Great Products sell companies but Great People sell services!

I believe you’re not defined by your job title or brand positioning statement. You’re defined (perceived and valued) by ‘what you actually do’, the way you spend your time, the conversations you have and the authenticity of your voice when married with your actions – why not help others by tweeting or blogging about your inspirations and experiences (photos, relevant links, audioBoo’s etc)? If you are passionate about what you do as an entrepreneur, surely it can only be a good thing to build connections, learn how to do things better and to develop yourself and others as people? accept criticism and sign-posts along the way, make them constructive! remember, its about the journey, not the destination! sincerity will shine through, such things are impossible to fake long term, as some marketers and brands are already finding out! ‘-)

What do you think folks?


Re. Student Questions: these are my trending observations and predictions, hopefully they’ll provide food for thought ‘-)…

Industry Trends

  1. Crowd sourcing ideas/products (E.g. ChatRoulette’s remove perverts prize, and services like Groupon)
  2. Social Media Policy (E.g. Policy Guidance & PolicyEspresso)
  3. Geo-location & Augmented reality (mapping data in locational context – QR & RFID tags vs Gowalla and Foursquare – earn points/prizes through loyalty interactions)
  4. New scaling/working models: co-working and freelance collaboration
  5. Recommendation Engines and ROI Measurement (collecting, analyzing and measuring data, conversation, networks, purchases etc)
  6. Real-time (including mobile video/content streaming and data search)
  7. Mobile Payment Systems (square, PayPal, Bump and NFC’s N-Mark)
  8. Open Data – government and service APIs

    {*My prediction and tipped field to watch*}
    Multi-dimensional narrative (authenticity, story-telling and play within/across conversation, Facebook Games, Online Marketing and iPad Apps – including new ‘add value’ dimensions to publishing, promotion and engagement – this is where my long-term money is on services like Gowalla over the likes of Foursquare, in my mind they have two very different social narrative values)

Industry/User Challenges

  1. Up-to-speed Education (online identity, ethics,tools) – Related topics: Chat Roulette, OpenID, OAuth & TwitterAuth to reduce identity phishing scams and spam, services like SocialSentry now offer businesses the ability to track employees via social networks and conversations on twitter/Facebook/etc.
  2. Proprietary/Open-Source, Monetization & Measurement (Subscriptions/Freemium/Advertising/Free)
  3. Accessibility & Compatibility for multiple devices and navigation types (muti-touch vs browser, desktop vs mobile, Surface vs iPad etc. – including the evolution towards gesture based interaction like Jonny Lee’s genius, SeaDragon and technologies like Canesta – expect to see interface evolve towards more physical interactions like BumpTop and SixthSense)
  4. Law & Legislation – Related topics: Digital Economy Bill, Google in China, Social Media Policy and Facebook T&Cs
  5. Understanding transparency vs engagement – we don’t consume, we filter and question (government, business, advertising) – large businesses need to find/develop passionate and inspiring staff, entrepreneurs should be naturals!
  6. Data-legacy & Sustainable Hosting (Eg. dead short-url links, backup and
  7. Data Publishing & Distribution – Related Topics: Publishing Industry vs Apple/Google/Facebook… iPad – Flash vs HTML5 video…

Summary Insights:

  1. Traditional marketing is not a ‘social’ activity so don’t apply its mindset to Social Media or Social Networks – Related topics: Top down vs bottom up, one directional vs multi-directional, multi-channel multi-media/um)
  2. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all very different – please recognize/realize this!
  3. If you’re starting a website I suggest ‘self-hosting it for a minimal fee’ and host its content where possible (but make sure its shareable and embeddable elsewhere) and build in measurement tools (I recommend WordPress and Google Analytics – then SEO and Google Adwords can come later – at least build the foundations with a sensible database format like MySQL/XML)
  4. Social Media is the playground of Individuals, agile business’s and entrepreneurs
  5. Social Media’s real strength is in its possibilities, ideas and connections to inspiring minds and challenging opinions
  6. If you choose to use Social Media then be prepared to participate (build identity/trust/respect/transparency/connections through participation in conversations and inspiring/useful/unique content) – listen and learn, apply the 2 ears 1 mouth philosophy of a BarCamp – be prepared for criticism and address it, don’t brush it under the carpet – focus on quality not quantity, long ‘unique’ blog posts are worth much more to your community than short posts of information they can already find elsewhere ‘don’t create noise, create gems!’ – build your content into a story, narrative is often engaging if it has a plot!
  7. Please be aware that 3rd party services can and will change their business models – I personally believe services like Twitter will start charging businesses and providing limited data (API) access to individuals very soon (its likely other services will start advertising in your content feed), don’t put all your eggs in one basket in terms of YouTube for video, check great services like (its equipped with widgets and analytics) and be aware of using short url services ( is my current preference but even I’ve got a long list of improvements to make to my blog)
  8. Social Media Communication is not a replacement for traditional marketing, attending events or real-world face-to-face meetups or conversations over coffee/beer, it is simply a supporting channel – get out and meet people! put your twitter address on your business card and use #hashtags! > when social online meets social offline true value is realized (both ROI and SROI FTW!) see >, Tuttle.101 and many more!

Please do checkout these resources – click the links below:

This is a better introduction to me >my @fellowcreative padawan blog-post<
Do you have a Facebook?
BBCs Virtual Revolution series (you should find all 4 episodes on YouTube)
TED Video on Creative Commons
Online Ethics and Digital Legacy
The UK Digital Economy Bill
Entrepreneurship Advice from the founders of Air B&B (4 episodes in total)
The future of Game & Play
(watch the embeded video!)
Seth Godin’s post entitled ‘The Ubiquity of Competition’
(check all his blog content!)

A new year of opportunity for a Padawan.
I am poorer than I have ever been but I have
never been so opportunity rich!!!

As I type these words I remain unsure if I’d be in anyway wise to make them available for public consumption (if you’re reading this you’ll know my decision) – some may think of financial transparency as bold, others may define it as stupid – either way its honest and to learn from.

Over the years I’ve learnt that forming my thoughts into a written story provides me with a linear process and a declaration of intention, but most useful of all it delivers a new perspective and the viewpoint of hindsight – which is much needed today (01/01/10) to inspire both realisation of my situation and some direct action to guide me.

Christmas and New Year provided time away from the laptop, keyboard and iPhone, and I did my utmost to avoid the usual daily dose of Social Web, tweets and posts. The break has proven truly fascinating and sobering, not because its been fueled with intellectual conversations with Wiseman from Nazareth, but because it delivered a much needed period of self-reflection and thought.

As I type this I’m faced with a virtual desktop of half finished Word Documents and lists of to-do’s, all of which must be edited and prioritized – this document serves as a psychological waste-basket for some items and begins a 2010 commitment to others – both are much needed if I’m to have any hope of keeping my sanity and developing a truly sustainable business in the years ahead.

Today, my bank statements tell me I’m £2,000 down into my business overdraft and in debt to the tune of £4,000 personally, on the positive side I filed and paid my VAT on Christmas Eve, I have no outstanding supplier bills until February, I’m due £650 in invoice-able time and above all I own all my studio equipment outright (probably £10,000’s worth on ebay). – In short, I start 2010 financially down but in no way out. At the age of 30 I’m poorer than I’ve ever been but I’ve never been so opportunity rich.

Before I look forward into 2010 I feel it important to remember the path I’ve traveled thus far (and for any potential readers of this, may it provide an insightful lesson, and a rare glimpse into a Padawan business mind).

Its now four years since I stood on a high-wire ledge in New Zealand, the eight-second free-fall that followed delivered much more than I expected. I hung suspended at the bottom of the 134m bungy cord, fueled by adrenaline and a realization of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – it was at this moment a seed was planted in my mind – return to the UK, forsake the short-term safety of a mortgage and pension, and set about developing a successful business and positive mindset based on personal challenge and social value.

I was twenty-six. I’d already managed an agency studio, been registered as self-employed for years, and been a founding partner of Rorschok Creative (which was less of a traditional commercial partnership, and more of a part-time creative/collaborative team) – I’d certainly worked hard to learn my trade but at no point had I ever been solely responsible for making decisions to drive a business forward, but most importantly, I’d never been solely responsible for the consequences – I felt I needed to learn from my own mistakes.

Linus Pauling (one of only four individuals to have won multiple Nobel Prizes) once said “if you want to come up with a few good ideas, or even one great one, then you have to generate lots of ideas” [quoted from Jonathon Porritt’s Audio Essay “Creative Sustainability” 2006 Podcast].

Suspended at the end of a bungy cord, I already understood Paulings quote to be true in regards to ideas and creativity, but upon boarding the Air New Zealand flight back to the UK I began an enlightening journey… and today I understand that Paulings philosophy also applies to life, experience, inspiration, people, knowledge, ability and business. I also now realise that bad ideas and poor decisions are inevitable along the way, and as it happens, they’re 100% necessary to get a great result.

In October 2007 I opened a business bank account in the name of Fellow Creative, I instructed my accountant to process a formal VAT registration; and the rest as they say, is history. With many thanks too, and loving memories of a late family relative, I opened Fellow Creative with £10,000 in the bank but I also had the words of an ex girlfriend ringing in my ears “Carl, you’re an idealist, you’ll never run a business where you get on with every single colleague or client, or do what you want every single day”. Today, on 1st January 2010, I realize that its cost me £16,000 to find out that she was half-right.

“If you want to come up with a few good ideas, or even one great one, then you have to generate lots of ideas” – In addition, I suggest that you also have to do and experience lots of different things, step outside your natural comfort zone, meet and work with people you don’t always see eye to eye with and take risks based on gut feel rather than monthly bank statements – I follow my instincts every single day, and taking the rough with the smooth, I enjoy every single minute of it. (I recommend watching this).

In early 2008 I thought this philosophical approach was traveling pretty well, that is until I was hit by a 20 ton aggregate lorry and a double-decker bus in a near fatal car accident, a true story that not only shut the A26 for three hours but thankfully reminded me that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and forced me to realize that although I’d been making gut feel decisions with people and time, if I was to truly succeed in business I really needed to gamble on my instincts with money.

Now four years on, I’ve made errors and poor decisions across all areas, and some gambles are yet to be proven but I’ve done my best to learn from everything – I’ve rarely made the same mistake twice and the few times I’ve been foolish enough to do so now insures I’ll not make them a third – not even I’m that stupid *-)

To this day I’ve not run a traditional business, I’ve not been driven by money, or operated upon a written business plan or formalized cash-flow forecasts and targets, nor have I had small-print terms and conditions or even a vision to grow to employ staff – I’ve lived at home with my parents (thanks for the support Mum and Dad) and slept on friends sofas (you know who you are, you are all legends – thank you!). I’ve paid myself little and randomly, yet I survived to turnover 32,000+ last tax year. I existed upon my creative skillset and curiosity, combined it with manners “show respect to everyone and never waste someones time” and a northern blood up-bringing “my handshake is my word and the first round is on me”. I supported efforts with the initial savings pot of £10,000 and proceeded to put myself in as many challenging situations as possible to help me better understand what I should value in this world, and in doing so I aimed to develop a Credentials document and portfolio, trusted contact network and list of testimonials that could, if need be, get me a Creative Director’s job anywhere I might wish to work.

Of the past thirty years I’ve spent seventeen in academic learning yet during the past four I’ve learned far more from being polite, helping people and simply saying yes to challenges, curiosity, intuition and gut-feel – but at every stage ‘knowing and believing’ I’ve got the ability to deliver anything I put my mind too – even if it kills me or my bank account – I’ve not tried to buy anyone’s friendship or use money as an advantage but I’ve made some great friends and colleagues, and I’ve delivered on everything I said I would, and all my suppliers got paid before I did.

At the age of 30 I still know relatively little about banking or business finance, which perhaps explains why £1,500 of the above £16,000 went on Northern Rock shares, but I’ve gained much understanding about myself and the worlds around me (referring to both the real-world and the digital-world). I believe I now understand the value of people and the value of investment – in both myself and others, and how and why others might invest in me – I believe that Communication is not about talking, its about listening. Value can always be found in encouraging and enabling others – being Social, Transparent and Honest.

2007-2009 I did many things, some of which were for paying clients but more were for the experience, knowledge and ideas. I founded and funded SustainableWidget, moved into and sadly back out of a second studio at The Skiff, fell in love with the coworker mindset of Brighton, invested time and money into Social-Web Platforms, and Social Media Education and Events, worked with and mentored 3 talented upcoming designers (1,2,3), taught other creatively minded students, spoke at events on Creative Sustainability and found myself on iTunes as a downloadable PodCast and presented to a crowd of 80+ at Nesta. I facilitated thinking for a No.1 agency, began to seed Creative & Social Innovation philosophies like BarCamp and Coworking in Kent, learned about the Digital Economy, Digital-Legacy, wider Social-Web and real-time, traveled to Budapest to blog about Nokia, played with and gave away the latest devices, worked the door at the very first Twestival, supported random events, attended GeeknBury, WordCamp and numerous conferences, gave-away tickets, sponsored a gumball rally for charity, built contacts in video-on demand, live-stream and mobile, developed a list of Fellow Trustees and started Tuttle.101 – long may it continue.

At every stage I’ve taken great pleasure in meeting, helping and working with great people and organisations but because my experiences have been so diverse and my knowledge so seemingly scattered, I’ve struggled with how to describe my job role and offering (even the VAT man has me down as ‘specialty design service’) – thankfully respected names like Nixon McInnes and WOMWorld Nokia have presented me prize opportunities based on their own gut feelings and conversations with me.

“Sometimes you need someone else or something else to cultivate the great creative thinking. For a crucial piece of creative thinking we asked Carl to help facilitate us, and use his creative methodologies, his knowledge of our market but crucially his distance from our consultancy to improve our chances of making the mental jumps we needed. It worked! Carl was patient, thoughtful and used fun, theory and careful interventions to help us find ourselves some little gems of thought. A good man and one I’m happy to recommend”
Will McInnes, MD of NixonMcInnes

I love my title ‘Creative Midwife & Joiner-of-Dots’ but when Will McInnes gave me his testimonial I suddenly realised that I could only be defined by what I do – my now approach – not based on what I had done (The whole is greater than the sum of its parts).

“Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!”

~The Universe. (via KB @ktotheb)

Some may think of financial transparency as bold, others may define it as stupid – either way its honest and to learn from. Its all part of the journey, thankfully I’ve already secured enough paid client work to keep me alive until mid-Feb, with a superb Tender Opportunity already in motion for a February-March project *-)

At the mere age of 30, I’m poorer than I’ve ever been but I’ve never been so opportunity rich – nor have I been so excited about the future!

I begin 2010 as a product of all my experiences, conversations, contacts, learning curves, plus all the good ideas that haven’t left my mind or my gut in the past four years, I have a great idea and I’m intent on creating a truly Sustainable enterprise out of it! The best part about the idea is that its so clear in my mind that I’ve already written the Feasibility Plan. I plan to continue meeting and looking for the right investor(s) – to invest in me, not necessarily financially, but as I have done for others, with belief, time, advice and encouragement.

Here’s what I’ll be doing with the month of January:

January Tasks:
A. Define a 2010 day rate for @FellowCreative – Done.
B. Write a draft Feasibility Plan for NewFellowVenture – 04/01/10 – Complete.
C. Get trusted feedback on NewFellowVenture proposition – 12/01/10 – Complete.
D. Prepare NewFellowVenture Plan for Partners/Investors – 20/01/10 – 50% Done
E. Submit LL Brand Proposal – 09/01/10 – Done!
F. Arrange Brighton meetings for 14-15/01/10 (TN,LL,RI,BB,P) –
G. Publish Social Media Blog Post – Late but complete!
H. Submit Client Summary Document – 11/01/10 – Complete!
I. LL Brand Phase 1 – 14/01/10 – Complete!
J. Prepare NMI Documentation & dispatch for 3 meets – deadline 15/01/10 – Done!
K. Prepare ORG & CK document for Jonathon Shaw MP meeting – 6.15pm 15/01/10 – Done!
L. Organise Tuttle.101 – 18/01/10 – Done!
M. Update Fellow Creative Credentials & Documentation – 20/01/10
N. Submit Tender Document – 21/01/10 – Done!
O. Implement Marketing Strategy for @FellowCreative – latest 10/02/10

Hopes for 2010 (updated with URL links 24/05/10):
1. Update and define ‘What I Do’
2. Earn enough to attend SXSW Interactive > Done – Click to See!
3. Organise Tuttle101 Collaborative Project or BarCampKent
4. Inspire an Open-source Platform (#Deathbook #deBill #Floor101 #EmptyShops)
5. Plan a 15,000ft LIVE-stream sky-dive for charity
Companies I’d like to talk to more:
ToggleUK, Automattic, NixonMcInnes, Ribot, TorchBox, 1000heads, WOMWorld Nokia, Nesta, FutureGov, PolicyUnplugged, Channel4,, 33digital…