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Creating a Disruptively Better Economy

“Writing is a way of organizing thought. Publishing is a way of receiving feedback.” ~ Frank Chimero In ‘The Element‘, Sir Ken Robinson highlights ‘the importance of Identifying Passion and Redefining Creativity’. In ‘Starfish and The Spider‘, Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom identify “the unstoppable…

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Who is @FellowCreative?

I’m an agent of change, rather than a guardian of tradition. “If you want to come up with a few good ideas, or even one great one, then you have to generate lots of ideas” ~ Linus Pauling (one of only four individuals to have won multiple Nobel Prizes). I’m…

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Research & Development: Things I am pondering

Remapping the principles of industry and government: ‘twenty-first-century economics, social ecology, value cycles and information legacy’ (Monetization, hierarchy, distribution, curation, policy, responsibility, ethics (Ethonomics), measurement, value… privacy vs net neutrality? value chain vs value cycle? competitive advantage vs constructive advantage ‘socio-efficiency’?) — Renaissance of social participation: ‘Agri-culture of…

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Social Media Elementals by @FellowCreative

Written for The National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) Published 15/09/2010. Last updated 9/1/2011. — The Introduction Hello. I’m Carl @FellowCreative *~)  Accepting NACUE’s invitation to support, inspire, connect, and become an advocate for over 65 university enterprise societies across the UK, representing in excess of 35,000 entrepreneurial…

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How to Use Social Media: the Elementals

The newly revised version of this post is available here: 2010/09/social-media-elementals-by-fellowcreative/ — — — Written for the NACUE Learning Programme. The following text was originally drafted and posted on 12/08/10. _ In March 2010,…

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An Update of Thoughts & Activities

Tuttle Projects, EmptyShops in Medway (Kent),
Sustainable-Creativity, Open-Source & Open-Data,
PodCasts, Social-Media & HyperLocal-Activity-Streams
& Community-Spaces for future-thinking LikeMinds

Yesterday (02/06/10) I re-visited the blog post I published at the beginning of January 2010 entitled ‘A new year of opportunity for a Padawan‘ and I re-read the ‘Hopes for 2010’ bullet-point list that formed it’s sign-off – in doing so I was reminded of all the…

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Proudly announcing Tuttle101 & Tipple.101
this April 2010. Organised by James & Natasha.

Thank you! ¡~)

— April 2010 sees two meetup’s planned… Building upon the success of @BecomeKnown’s March meetup (which received a great review in the local news and attracted some new faces) I’m very happy to see a true Tuttle101 community…

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Support Notes for #NSEC Presentation
Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday (28/03/2010) I took part in a Social Media Marketing panel at the National Student Enterprise Conference hosted by @nacue I was honored to accept the invitation to share my experiences of the Social Web but before I said yes to anything I did make it very clear that I…

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A new year of opportunity for a Padawan.
I am poorer than I have ever been but I have
never been so opportunity rich!!!

As I type these words I remain unsure if I’d be in anyway wise to make them available for public consumption (if you’re reading this you’ll know my decision) – some may think of financial transparency as bold, others may define it as stupid – either way its honest and…

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Sergio Silva @xrgo won an N900 trial!

Here is the LIVE Draw that Sergio Silva @Xrgo won: — Get your hands on a Nokia N900, Nokia N97 mini or Nokia Booklet 3G !!! — Following my recent Social Media work in Budapest, I’m pleased to announce that I…

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Social Media : Community introductions at The Skiff
and Future Foundations : What do you do?

For years I’ve been attending conferences and networking events but still I find it hard to convey exactly what I do because my time, projects and mindset can’t be filed in a box or under a single job title/description. If I mention I have a background in graphic design for…

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