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An introduction to coFWD
Coworking Community & Participatory Space

coFWD is a self managed, independent community of people united by one common purpose – getting stuff done. Venture through the doors of our old bank building at the end of Rochester High Street and you’ll find an eclectic mix of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines. Together we’re…

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Proud to be part of

Arts Council England today (9 August 2012) announced that a community consortium from Swale and Medway has been successful in applying for a commissioned grant from its Creative people and places programme – designed to empower communities to take the lead in shaping local arts provision. Please do register your…

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An Open Letter to Medway Council,
supporting The Deaf Cat, Rochester.

[Originally written on 11th April 2011. Today, directly submitted to Medway Council to support ‘change of use’ application Ref. MC/11/1478] – Dear Laura / Kevan [proprietors of The Deaf Cat] Following the recent licensing issues and council interventions, I wish to make my feelings known on…

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Coworking in Rochester, Kent
Creative Pros, Social Entrepreneurs
& Students Wanted!

The post below is out of date. We’ve now grown into the coFWD coworking community and workspace (Rochester, Kent, UK), for more info please see: — — — To keep up the…

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Tuttle101 Monday 6th June 2011
@TheDeafCat in Rochester, Kent

Subscribe to the Community Mailing List here.  Any questions, please email: tuttle [at] —   Photo: Tuttle101 at @TheDeafCat Coffee Bar (Rochester) Original photo taken and licensed by @fellowcreative…

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Tuttle101 & Tipple101
April/May 2011 in Rochester Kent

19/04/2011 Update: Nibble101 is at Cosmo Oriental Restaurant at 7:30pm on Tuesday 26th April. The next Tuttle will be at 9:30am Monday 9th May at The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar – click here for more details — For more information see or Tuttle101…

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Encounter: Creative Spaces, Coworking & Innovation
28th February 2011

— 28th February 2011 – Event Announcement! Tuttle101 is proud to announce an event that connects many dots across a three-year history of Community101 discussions, activities and creative collaborations – to present an exciting vision towards the future of Kent’s Creative Economy. We are working…

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Tuttle101 on 18th October 2010

Initiated and supported by @BecomeKnown
& @NatashaSexton

Subscribe to the Community Mailing List here. Other Medway community news can be found on TheBridgePodcast. Any questions, please email: tuttle [at] — Photo: Tuttle101 at @TheDeafCat Coffee Bar (Rochester) Original photo…

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I have an idea, any thoughts folks?
Tuttle, the facilitation of Participation and Community

Not wishing to reinvent the wheel nor plagiarise great works, I’ve quoted, paraphrased and joined dots between the somewhat ‘perfectly phrased’ words and sentences of inspirational authors and doers, these include: Sir Ken Robinson (The Element – how finding your passion changes everything), Andrew Mawson OBE (The…

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An Update of Thoughts & Activities

Tuttle Projects, EmptyShops in Medway (Kent),
Sustainable-Creativity, Open-Source & Open-Data,
PodCasts, Social-Media & HyperLocal-Activity-Streams
& Community-Spaces for future-thinking LikeMinds

Yesterday (02/06/10) I re-visited the blog post I published at the beginning of January 2010 entitled ‘A new year of opportunity for a Padawan‘ and I re-read the ‘Hopes for 2010’ bullet-point list that formed it’s sign-off – in doing so I was reminded of all the…

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Dear Tuttle.101 Medway/Kent Community

Photo: Tuttle.101 at The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar (Rochester) Original photo taken and licensed by @fellowcreative — A few announcements/questions if I may please:— Running since October 2009, with 7 monthly Tuttle’s now under our belt, and a host of…

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Proudly announcing Tuttle101 & Tipple.101
this April 2010. Organised by James & Natasha.

Thank you! ¡~)

— April 2010 sees two meetup’s planned… Building upon the success of @BecomeKnown’s March meetup (which received a great review in the local news and attracted some new faces) I’m very happy to see a true Tuttle101 community…

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Tipple.101 & Tuttle.101 in February 2010

This month we’re trying something new – we hope you’ll join us! — Photo: Twuddle Tunbridge Wells Original photo taken and licensed by @ankertw — — The growing community of Tuttle.101 has lead to…

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