#Crimble101: Tipple & Tuttle Seasonal Diary

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Tipple101: Tuttle, Crimble and Seasonal Diary

Merry Christmas.101! *-)

Dear freelance folk and tuttle.101 attendees,

As some of you already know, following a conversation at November’s Tuttle.101 and inspired by Tunbridge Wells #twuddle, I’ve been kicking about the idea of a Tuttle.101 ‘Seasonal Social’ for local freelancers and alike.

I’m a little disappointed to report that such a pre-organized social won’t be realized before Christmas due to everyone’s pre-existing client and family commitments (and me running around like a headless Santa Claus) but I remain encouraged that many Tuttle.101 attendees expressed an interest in the idea.


Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Tizzie

I had already part-planned a group trip to the ‘Hoodeners Horse’ (a country pub In great Chart, Ashford, Kent) on Friday 18th to meet up with a few Canterbury Geeks and tweetup types for the Great Chart Beer Festival – put together by Andy and Simon – thank you for offering to welcome us with open arms gents, greatly appreciated at such short notice! I’d also like to thank Ahmed Nuaman for volunteering as a potential taxi driver for the trip. Now, although there’s no guarantee and it remains only part-organised, I (we) may still attempt the journey on Friday afternoon/evening so please do let me (us) know if you’d like to join us.

I use this blog post to open up the ideas box to everyone for such a 2010 social – all ideas are welcome (please add comments and thoughts below).

Finally, I’d like to thank all those who’ve supported and attended Tuttle.101 since it began in September (with special thanks to Lloyd Davis, James Yorke, Rob Ocallaghan, Brian Condon, Stephen Bartholomew and Steve Rowland) and I’d like to wish everyone a very inspirational Christmas break and a very positive new year ahead! Tuttle.101 will be back in the new year, and there are already other ideas on the to-do list.

Snowman thoughts and Paulo Coelho proverbs *-)
Carl @FellowCreative