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The title of this post comes from the opening line of an email I received recently. It certainly isn’t the first enquiry I’ve had of this nature but the fact it was sent to me by someone at director level within a local authority on the recommendation of someone they trust, perhaps confirms I can be of use and interest to others.
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Are you a doer with half an idea or plan?

Over recent years I’ve invested a lot of time, and my own cash, in getting to know and help people who are doing and initiating great things across Medway or Kent. I’ve become a sounding-board and go-to-guy for people like Emma Dewhurst of WOW magazine (testimonial below), and the team behind Digibury Canterbury; plus a range of social minded startups, and regional investment opportunities like CreativePeoplePlace.info

To continue inspiring and helping others, and to entice yet more interesting folk through the doors of coFWD, I’m considering making myself available for a series of one-to-one drop-in sessions – for local people seeking a sounding-board for their idea or project.

I’ll be clear, I’m not a legal or financial advisor, and because of the broad nature of this idea I can’t offer any assured or insured advice, but I promise that I’m very used to shaping and launching ideas and I’ll do my best to join-the-dots and provide useful insight and direction.

If you are doing, or want to do something for community and cultural benefit and would like someone to talk to about the challenges and hurdles, and generally bounce some thoughts about – please do get in touch or leave a comment below.

I’ll only announce dates if/once I know people are actually interested but in the meantime, inspired by Mark Suster, James Yorke and I invite you to join us at the next Startup Saturday event, please do signup via eventbrite.

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Emma Dewhurst

about 8 years ago

As sole founder and editor of WOW magazine, there have been several occasions in the two years since its launch when I have desperately needed another's perspective on the magazine and its overall direction within the community it serves. A friend recommended that I approach Carl Jeffrey and ask him to act as 'sounding-board' and strategic thinker at a moment in the magazine's life when I was particularly 'stuck'. There ensued several truly creative conversations which did much to keep me going. Carl's knowledge of the creative arts scene in Medway and wider Kent; his impeccable community credentials as a founding member of the coworking community working out of 161 High Street, Rochester known as coFWD; his astonishingly good listening skills and ability to cut through the peripherals to reflect back to you a bigger picture, make him a truly valuable walking resource for anyone needing help with formulating or growing a good creative plan. Carl calls himself a 'joiner of dots' and it is true: once he knows and believes in what you're up to, he will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf; making connections and effecting introductions. For anybody with half a project, or a whole project which they would like to realise further, having a chat with Carl Jeffrey is probably one of the single best things you could do to move your idea forward.

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