TheBridge PodCast #1 June 2010

#thebridgepodcast #1 was produced and edited by Merle Cordier @Merleamelia at Mid Kent College (Medway) and is bought to you by:
Steven Keevil @OnMeJack
Didi Bergman @Didi_Bergman
Katie Fotis @KatieFotis
Phil Dillon @MedwayEyes
Carl Jeffrey @FellowCreative

Due to some first show teething issues with our audio we’d like to apologize to Didi for the low-quality LIVE recording of her first track ‘Blame it on the Day’ (you can find a more professional recording on the Didi Bergman myspace page). We’d also like to give an additional hat-tip to @Kosso for inspiring the VITAL (sharing creativity throughout the web) concept.

Katie Fotis is inspired by Dan Thompson‘s Empty Shops Network

Phil Dillon is inspired by MedwayEyes, photography, music and Desolation Row

Steven Keevil is inspired by the balance between life and creativity (see additional links at the bottom of this post)

Carl Jeffrey is inspired by the future creative/digital landscape (see LikeMinds Helsinki and blog)

The Wilderness EP by James Bell – Track 2: Jeremy Benthams Head (We’d like to say a massive thank you to the legend that is James Bell for allowing us to include his song about the philosopher Jeremy Bentham).

Thank you to Jenny Uglow for The Lunar Men inspiration; plus a hat-tip to Jonathan Porritt.

Here’s a link to the 2010 Lunar Calendar, hopefully the dates of future TheBridgePodCast releases.

Phil Dillon’s VITAL image can be found on Flickr

George Orwell’s #1984 – SocialMediaPicnic

Antony Mayfield’s book on ‘How to Manage Your Reputation Online’ – Me and My Web Shadow

Didi Bergman’s DragonFly (and other tracks) can be found on myspace

Other things we discussed but didn’t make our edit:

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

My afternoon with lonelysandwich

Animate adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the

Tuttle101 & Tipple101 & HyperLocal Activity (Rochester, Medway, Kent)

The-Bridge-Podcast-1.mp3 < click to download!

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