Dear Tuttle.101 Medway/Kent Community

Photo: Tuttle.101 at The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar (Rochester) Original photo taken and licensed by @fellowcreative — A few announcements/questions if I may please:— Running since October 2009, with 7 monthly Tuttle’s now under our belt, and a host of…

Tuttle.101 at The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar (Rochester, Kent)

Photo: Tuttle.101 at The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar (Rochester)
Original photo taken and licensed by @fellowcreative

A few announcements/questions if I may please:

  1. Running since October 2009, with 7 monthly Tuttle’s now under our belt, and a host of community tweets and opinions about local government initiatives it appears that our enthusiastic community of conversation, connection and expertise is gaining some notice. Following recent conversations with Medway Council and some of our community’s attendance at Kent County Council’s recent TransformedByYou Event, we’ve been approached with an awesome question/opportunity and I’d love to hear your thoughts please…

    <Please note that I (Carl) have paraphrased the statement below from two emails>

    Hi Carl,

    Hope you’re keeping well? Wondered if you might have some thoughts on the following please:

    Medway Council would like to engage local (Medway or nearby) web and digital enthusiasts to get their feedback on our website re-development progress thus far. After going out to tender a few months ago, we’d really like the opportunity to talk about the evidence/knowledge we have of our web audience and explain what’s happening next in our project; including wireframe testing for key user journeys etc. We’re not sure how this would be received and wouldn’t want to be thought to be hi-jacking or taking over tuttle.101 but we’d love to engage in a way that fits with the community – whether that’s an existing tuttle.101 event or doing something specific for this purpose. Any thoughts please?

    ~ Simon Wakeman,
    Head of Communications and Marketing,
    Medway Council

  2. Due to the growing popularity and success’s of Tuttle.101 & Tipple.101 I’m pleased to say we’re currently fixing dates for May – the dates and venues are yet to be confirmed but a simple eNewsletter/MailChimp system is being designed to make it easier to stay Up-To-Date – please email: with you’re details if you’d like the be added to the community mailing list.
  3. On behalf of all the Tuttle.101 April attendees I’d like to say a big thank you to Laura and Kevan at The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar for providing us with a venue at such short notice – the photo above shows just how great a venue it is and here’s a video to convey the musical ambiance – I’d also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Natasha @NatashaSexton and James @BecomeKnown for organizing the April Events!
  4. There have been various discussions at Tuttle & Tipple of late in regards to the development of a Rochester co-working group and concepts relating to – with these in mind, and in support of Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!) and Dan Thompson’s #EmptyShops on Flickr initiative I’d like to announce the idea of a May bike-ride through Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester & Strood to take photos and geo-tag (map-out) all the EmptyShops on route – with the aim of creating a GoogleMashup along the lines of (example A) or (example B) for #EmptyShops in Medway. I’m currently thinking about doing this on Saturday 22nd May 2010 – who’s up for it? B


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James Yorke

Interesting developments! On point 1, I think its great that Simon Wakeman has been in contact and is interested to get the thoughts of the Medway web/digital/creative community. I would be interested in providing feedback and, if the community was to get involved, it would be interesting to see and what affect was made by this.

I should be good for going on the bike ride :)



Its all looking very prosperous for tuttle. I certainly think that 1 is a good idea and should go ahead. The only issue I see with it is design by committee can be difficult to manage but a general chat for feedback and direction should lead to a much better site all round. We are hoping to attend May tuttle so put us on the mailing list! and if we were free on Saturday we would certainly get involved with 4.


Noel - thanks for sharing the link, and thanks again to Kent County Council and Innovation Center Medway for inspiring the extremely interesting attendee list and conversations at the #transformedbyyou event in March. I hope to see such initiative's become more commonplace and I'll stay tuned to and '-)

James - very glad to hear you're on board! thank you for showing your support as ever! I'll let you know about the bike's =)

Scott - considering you are based half-way around the M25 in Staines you're attendance at Tuttle.101 and continued support and expertise is massively appreciated and welcomed - thank you! '-)
I agree completely with your sentiments and firmly believe that Simon's proposed activity (#1) is not about 'design by committee', it is simply a means of presenting the councils research/process/outcomes/intentions/developments thus far in an attempt to gain some constructive comments/recommendations/considerations upon which to build things forward.

From my perspective, the important thing is that everyone recognizes the positive intention and value of such a conversation and community engagement – this is not about the Council trying to get professional services or consultation for free, its simply about the Council (Simon and his team) really trying to make sure they deliver the best they can for Medway - if I/we can help achieve this by donating a few hours of conversation and professional insight I'm 150% there! I'll keep you in the loop - thank you again '-)


Simon Wakeman

Hi all,
Thanks for commenting about this.

As Carl has mentioned, our aim is not to design the new website, either by committee or for free with the digital community in Medway!

However I know that we have an active, engaged and well-informed group of people in Medway who I want to involve in the consultation about the project - so we can explain where we're at, what decisions have been made so far and why, and to get opinions, thoughts etc that will help us with the rest of the project.

Plus I'm keen that those in the team at the council who manage the website start to build relationships with the digital community in Medway - something which I would see as valuable for the council and the community in the future as the web becomes ever more important to how the council communicates.

Looking forward to those conversations - whenever / however they might happen!



Richard Conyard

Looking forward to contributing - just need a where and when :-)


Andrew Day

Input from people with a through knowledge of the current web/digital landscape would be a good thing for Medway C, given that their website could/should be a primary form of engagement for locals. I'd welcome them opening up their website redesign to feedback.


A useful and related link for the record -