Q. What do we actually need? #DigitalEconomyBill #debill

Q. What do we actually need? – Please put forward your answers…

*a better process for finding & writing to an MP* ???

A site that has a generic letter to an MP that covers all the major issues with the existing Digital Economy Bill – in the form of a concise list that uses plain English not technical jargon or long words.

Such a letter would be in the form of clickable/selectable/applicable tick boxes to highlight what paragraphs the letter writer wanted to keep or amend. Once selected the text is 100% customisable. The User adds their name, address and based on their postcode a selection of MP’s is displayed (they can select all of them if they so wish). The system tracks the receipt of such a message and sends a tweet out to the users network that is trackable – a GoogleMap is created of letter senders. Perhaps Audio and Video messages too? Plus a feature that allowed Bloggers to submit their related blog posts (just like the http://www.blogactionday.org) ? with an integrated Twitter Avatar feature?

Is this doable? Is it worth doing?
How long might it take?
Who might be able to do it easily? The following sites/APIs already exist:

http://www.writetothem.com (run by http://www.mysociety.org)

Who might sponsor such a system? Google/Yahoo/eBay/Facebook

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about 9 years ago

I like the idea. A few thoughts... Audio/Video: Would they actually listen to audio and video content as well as all the faxes and emails? (maybe that is their problem not yours?) They are there to deal with their constituents so allowing mass mailing of more then one MP (ie encourage people to mail those that are not own constituency MP) may be counter productive as it will be viewed as spam and clog up actual constituent messages getting through. Visualization on a map would lend some weight and give a nice view of the support/feeling. Should definitely make use of some of the existing services such as writetothem.com as they are already great services and it would be wasteful to have to rebuild that functionality or regather that postcode data.

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