Merry Christmas.101! *-)

Dear freelance folk and tuttle.101 attendees,

As some of you already know, following a conversation at November’s Tuttle.101 and inspired by Tunbridge Wells #twuddle, I’ve been kicking about the idea of a Tuttle.101 ‘Seasonal Social’ for local freelancers and alike.

I’m a little disappointed to report that such a pre-organized social won’t be realized before Christmas due to everyone’s pre-existing client and family commitments (and me running around like a headless Santa Claus) but I remain encouraged that many Tuttle.101 attendees expressed an interest in the idea.


Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Tizzie

I had already part-planned a group trip to the ‘Hoodeners Horse’ (a country pub In great Chart, Ashford, Kent) on Friday 18th to meet up with a few Canterbury Geeks and tweetup types for the Great Chart Beer Festival – put together by Andy and Simon – thank you for offering to welcome us with open arms gents, greatly appreciated at such short notice! I’d also like to thank Ahmed Nuaman for volunteering as a potential taxi driver for the trip. Now, although there’s no guarantee and it remains only part-organised, I (we) may still attempt the journey on Friday afternoon/evening so please do let me (us) know if you’d like to join us.

I use this blog post to open up the ideas box to everyone for such a 2010 social – all ideas are welcome (please add comments and thoughts below).

Finally, I’d like to thank all those who’ve supported and attended Tuttle.101 since it began in September (with special thanks to Lloyd Davis, James Yorke, Rob Ocallaghan, Brian Condon, Stephen Bartholomew and Steve Rowland) and I’d like to wish everyone a very inspirational Christmas break and a very positive new year ahead! Tuttle.101 will be back in the new year, and there are already other ideas on the to-do list.

Snowman thoughts and Paulo Coelho proverbs *-)
Carl @FellowCreative

Perpetual BETA: this sites 2010 to-do list

This site launched in May 2009, it has so far received a total of 21,695 views (according to WordPress Blog Stats 12/12/09) but due to client commitments and other projects its not yet finished, but it launched as it means to continue, in a state of perpetual BETA and creative development.

Below is the remaining to-do-list; and there’s still bigger Open-Source plans for the widget sidebar (right). Please do feel free to leave comments, feedback and ideas – constructive criticism is always appreciated – thank you in advance =)

Still To-Do:

  • Finalize content, copy-writing and video uploads to help explain ‘What We Do’.
  • Finish/Upload the latest Credentials document to display ‘Latest Work’ (including Design & Branding, Social-Tech in Education, Strategic Campaign Planning, Vehicle Livery and Academic Keynote Speaking… to name but a few things).
  • Develop ‘Latest Endeavors’ into ‘Endeavor Blog’ and enhance Article Navigation, Search and Archive functions (potential WordCloud favourites feature), plus show ‘number of comments’ and ‘published dates’ in preview mode.
  • UK/US dictionary options – comments and endeavor (endeavour) ?
  • Add dates to blog posts with a CC auto-licensing feature
  • Add a ‘scroll up – back to top of page tab’ [influenced by Toggle site]
  • Add/adjust legal/disclaimer/socialmediapolicy info to blog – see blog discloser policy – also develop a short t&c reference link for email footer:
    […] Disclaimer: the following post is in draft format, much of the information needs clarification and my thoughts fell from my fingers into the keyboard without much consideration for the good work already being done – the following is not meant to be taken literally and it is not meant to dis-colour any local, government or academic authorities and initiatives – its simply my honest opinion and open thinking because that’s what blogs are for right? […]

    […] This email (which includes any files transmitted with it) is confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed.

    If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this email in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing,

    or copying of this email is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error please notify Fellow™ by telephone on [.…]

    […] Email listing and data terms – emails will never be sold or distributed […]

  • Develop a clear Social Media Policy and Online Participation Guidelines <great start from Carl Haggerty!
  • Develop menu system (see dropdown header at fastco)
  • Site currently runs User Agent (WordPress Mobile Edition), must check bug issue with DotMobi
  • Investigate iPad version – current CSS has a bug which doesn’t allow scroll – and check this list!
  • Investigate Android/RIM/Tablet compatibility
  • Prepare EU Cookie Directive/Audit for ‘Essential Cookies (User Login, etc)’ and ‘Non-essential Cookies and Behaviour Tracking (Google Analytics, Social share Buttons etc)’ – see Cookie Law and Simple Wired Guide
  • Consider/integrate a Tiny URL service (useful consideration/reference)
  • Reconsider Phreadz functions
  • Make Right Sidebar Collapsible/Minimizable (Eg. Less Intrusive)
  • Create *Responsive* Design/Dynamic UX/UI (resize browser exampleA and exampleB)
  • Add Lightbox functionality to Flickr Widget.
  • Adjust/Create ‘Play-Audio-Within-Widget’ functions for the AudioBoo and Blip Widgets
  • Adjust retweets icon – incorporate functionality
  • Remove gap between tweet icon / comments header and comment panel
  • Restyle comment and pingpack functions to add threaded commenting (*visual inspiration here* and system and highlight own replies to community (Inspiration:  and
  • Look at gravatar integration
  • Google+ integration ?
  • Style PingBack Function (it currently kicks widget sidebar to the right)
  • Develop fully customizable Widget-Set and release as OpenSource for WordPress
  • Structure & re-assign all my registered domain names to support additional SEO
  • Remove Seesmic button and add a related Quora Answer button.
  • Work out a *page moving system/plugin* that doesn’t create dead links or dead google SEO urls
  • Add ‘keyword related suggestions’ to the FailWhale 404 page – help users find the right content
  • Incorporate Campaign Monitor / MailChimp functionality
  • Develop animated Avatar (
  • Investigate WPMU & BuddyPress stuff like CAPTCHA etc…––Also look to add some links to inspirational/respected blogs:


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Digital World Stuff: Thinking Aloud over Time


I’ve just found this and thought I’d share it with anyone who might be interested, it is an extract from an essay I wrote many years ago – it’s a bit of a philosophical ramble but there’s some statements in it which I can’t help but relate to my current frustrations with the UK Digital Economy Bill

[…] I have come to realize that for me, there is more to life than sitting in front of a computer creating stuff that only exists in a virtual sense. I do not want to create stuff that doesn’t have physical shape or exist beyond the structured world of code and convention.

This trail of thought has led me to question the values I apply to the “Digital-World”, to my degree and to my life as a whole; I have begun to question the values I apply to the world around me and my understanding of the conventions that give value to my life, the decisions I make and the things I spend my time doing.

I began to read books on Philosophy and Sociology; combined with my dissertation studies of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability I have become interested in the areas of Materialism, Conventionalism and Consumerism. This led me to question the very definitions of value, form and existence. I drew inspiration from contemporary artists whose works were based around the same themes and began to investigate how value is determined, through its relationships with form, function, essentialness and the hierarchy of needs.

Upon trying to gain a philosophical understanding of Value I found the work of Alan Sidelle, within Sidelle’s writings on Conventionalism he states that all that there is in the world, independently of us, is “Stuff” (or as a commentary on Sidelle’s work calls it, “World-Stuff”).

The way we understand the world around us is based upon what we have been told or experienced – Consumerism, Technology, Advertising, Mass Culture and Brand Ideology give meaning, understanding, essentialness and value to our lives and the world around us – without these manufactured conventions of our consumerist society much of the world around us would have no meaning – it would have no linguistic construction, no understanding, no value – the existence of “World-Stuff” is relative to the manufactured conventions of our consumerist society.

So it is in a sense true that we (by our conventions) construct and shape the existence of the world’s objects. This is of course “construction” in a transposed sense. It does not require the use of hammers and saws, and we do not do it in the sweat of our brows. We do it merely by thinking and talking as we do. [2]

I began to draw comparisons between the “Digital-World” and the “Real-World”. I began to question the existence of “Digital-World-Stuff”; in order for something to exist, convention tells us it needs physical form, value and understanding, yet philosophy tells us we construct the existence of world-objects merely by thinking and talking as we do, understanding and linguistic construction determine value, Logic and Math tell us that if something has value it must exist. I believe this to be an interesting line of inquiry, especially when looking at “Digital-World-Stuff”, surely the existence of “Digital-World-Stuff” is relative to the manufactured conventions of our consumerist society, therefore “Digital-World-Stuff” must exist, but in what form?

I read a book entitled “One-Dimensional Man” written by Herbert Marcuse – within his text Marcuse refers to technology and consumerism as one-dimensional, helping to create a one-dimensional society.

“Marcuse was one of the first critical theorists to analyze the consumer society through analyzing how consumerism, advertising, mass culture and ideology integrate individuals into and stabilize the system. He suggests that the emergence of computerization, the proliferation of media and information, and the development of new conventions allow social control; bringing about the surrender of individual thought, hope, and fear to the decisions of the powers that be; the preservation of misery in the face of unprecedented wealth constitute the most impartial indictment… [Society’s] sweeping rationality, which propels efficiency and growth is itself irrational. He also critically analyzes new forms of technology and technological rational which are producing a qualitatively different social structure, a totally administered society”. [3] […]

Here’s the project work – make sure you zoom in and out!

Today this video has greater meaning to me:

Bibliography / References:
[1]  Crawford, E. Real Natures & Familiar Objects (Conventionalism) pg. 10
[2 & 3]  pg. 11
Mit Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004.

Q. What do we actually need? #DigitalEconomyBill #debill

Q. What do we actually need? – Please put forward your answers…

*a better process for finding & writing to an MP* ???

A site that has a generic letter to an MP that covers all the major issues with the existing Digital Economy Bill – in the form of a concise list that uses plain English not technical jargon or long words.

Such a letter would be in the form of clickable/selectable/applicable tick boxes to highlight what paragraphs the letter writer wanted to keep or amend. Once selected the text is 100% customisable. The User adds their name, address and based on their postcode a selection of MP’s is displayed (they can select all of them if they so wish). The system tracks the receipt of such a message and sends a tweet out to the users network that is trackable – a GoogleMap is created of letter senders. Perhaps Audio and Video messages too? Plus a feature that allowed Bloggers to submit their related blog posts (just like the ? with an integrated Twitter Avatar feature?

Is this doable? Is it worth doing?
How long might it take?
Who might be able to do it easily? The following sites/APIs already exist: (run by

Who might sponsor such a system? Google/Yahoo/eBay/Facebook