Tuttle.101 proves to be an Inspired Success! =)

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Yesterday (Monday 5th October 2009), the upper floor of The George Vaults in Rochester (Kent) housed the first Tuttle.101


Photo: Tuttle.101 in Rochester, Medway (Kent) Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Peter Harris

Announced only six days previous, and with very little organization (one blog post, two phone calls, twelve emails and a few initial tweets) resulted in a somewhat impressive attendee list of fourteen – no mean feat considering it was held at 9.30am on a rainy Monday morning (plus the fact at least four people got in touch to say they couldn’t make it this time round but would definitely come to the potential ‘next one’).

Attendees traveled to the Rochester venue from as far away as Cranbrook (an hour journey by car) so I remain convinced that there is a need for Tuttle gatherings in Kent.

With folk like Rob oCallagham already running Tuttle Royal Tunbridge Wells (tuttle.rtw) and initiatives like @CanterburyGeeks drawing crowds of twenty+ each month, I’m encouraged to find the seeds of a seemingly underground ‘Digital Creative’ community that is indeed willing to get out from behind their laptop monitor provided a platform for real-world inspiration and conversation presents itself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who arrived with open minds and enthusiasm (full attendee list below) – I do hope everyone got something interesting out of the conversation and I’m happy to find that the initial feedback has been extremely positive.

As for what happens next, that’s up to you… I’d certainly like to organize another tuttle.101 to support the Digital Creatives (and the wider community of interesting folk) in Medway but a once a week commitment would be a struggle at present. This said, Tuttle in Royal Tunbridge Wells is every Wednesday (and has a monthly social ‘twuddle’ session in a pub) and I’ve also heard discussions about a potential Tuttle.Maidstone; there also appears to be a host of tweetups across Kent (including one this month being hosted by Wonderful Creative). This makes me wonder if a rolling Carousel of Tuttle events might actually be the most useful and worthwhile route forward.

My final thought is that we had no female attendees even though I personally invited five – if you know of any please do share this post with them!

Thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts… ;-)

PS: If anyone is wondering why its called Tuttle.101 instead of Tuttle.Medway please do click here and read the post!

Tuttle.101 attendee list 5/10/09 (in no specific order):

Rob oCallagham @robocallaghan
Chris Dalby @yellowpark (http://www.yellowpark.net)
James Yourke @BecomeKnown (http://www.becomeknown.co.uk)
Ahmed Nuaman @ahmednuaman (http://www.ahmednuaman.com)
Tom Lindridge @FutureBlogging (http://www.futureblogging.co.uk)
David Bahia @DavidBahia
Peter Harris @Sarchi (http://waterhole-forma.blogspot.com)
Brian Condon @brian_condon (http://complexitygroup.com)
Alastair Wood @alastairwood (http://www.awaccs.co.uk)
Russ McVeigh (http://www.russellmcveigh.info)
Steve Fleming (http://www.copythatworks.co.uk)
Peter Micklewright (http://rbpdesign.co.uk)
Steve Rowland (http://steverowland.co.uk and founder of MadeInMedway)
Duncan Court (http://cyberkix.co.uk)
Carl Jeffrey @fellowcreative (http://fellow.ventures)

Plus some folk who’ve already expressed an interest in the next one:

Alex McIntyre @alex_mcintyre
Mark Phipps @fipz
Simon Wakeman @simonwakeman
Simon Mohr @canterburygeeks (http://semsolutions.co.uk)
Tim Deeson @deeson_emedia (http://semsolutions.co.uk)
Ben Breckler @benbreckler (http://www.benbreckler.com)
Ciaran Oliver @kentpictures (http://www.oliverphoto.co.uk)


Alex McIntyre

about 9 years ago

I'm glad it was such a success Carl. Sorry I couldn't make it as I was tied down with work. I'll be there in the future though.

James Yorke

about 9 years ago

Fantastic blog post and a great meetup. Am inspired to think of ways in which I help push this forward! Any ideas on when the next one will be?


about 9 years ago

Well done mate - looking forward to seeing another great success Julius

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