Tuttle (Social Media Cafe) comes to Rochester (Kent)
Will you be joining us?

Below is the original 2009 announcement about Tuttle101 coming to Rochester (Kent( but here’s a more up to date 2012 overview of tuttle101 and it’s developing community.

Next Monday (5th October 2009) between 9.30am – 11.30am
The Tuttle Club
(perhaps better known as Social Media Café)
will be introduced to Rochester

What is Tuttle?

The Tuttle Club is a loose association of people working better together both online and off.

It is not a business networking event. It is simply a meeting place for people to share in conversation, have a coffee, work on their laptop (with free WiFi), and hopefully talk to complete strangers about what they are reading, inspired by, or perhaps even working on in their shed or spare time – hopefully leading to some creative collaboration and long-term innovation.

In this video, Lloyd Davis (the Founder of Tuttle) loosely outlines it’s story in conversation with Chris Dalby:

When and Where?

Monday 5th October 2009 may seem like a strange day for a networking event, but I repeat, this is not a business networking event! 9.30am – 11.30am, wear what you like, bring who you like, share what you like, and it doesn’t necessarily have to end at 11.30am.

The Venue: The George Vaults (35 The High Street, Rochester – upstairs!). It’s free to attend (you might have to buy your own coffee).

You don’t need to sign-up to attend but please do email or leave a comment below (with preferably your name and email) so we have a rough idea who’s and how many are coming. If anyone would like to sponsor the coffee please don’t hesitate to let me know =)

If you’d like more information please email (tuttle101@fellow.ventures) or call me directly (Carl: 07929 601737).
More information on the ‘now global’ Tuttle Club can be found via the original tuttleclub blog.

We look forward to meeting you there =)


Steve Fleming

about 12 years ago

I'll be there


about 12 years ago

Hi Carl, Thank you for this invite, it's great that you have set this up. I do have a meeting in the morning but I will see what I can do. Katie =)

Simon Wakeman

about 12 years ago

Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately I'm tied up in meetings most of Monday, but good luck with it and hopefully I can make it along next time.

James Yorke

about 12 years ago

Hi Carl, I will be attempting to attend this. Thanks for setting this up and the invite. James Yorke

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