Nokia Nseries : a storyboard of secrets from
Budapest #BudaViral

During the past week I and the rest of the Nokia #BudaViral team have published various bites of blog content surrounding our trip to Budapest and reviewed some of the shiny stuff we got our hands on. Much of the generated online comments and interest has surrounded ‘yet to be launched products’: Nokia Booklet 3G and the prototype Nokia N900.

On a personal note I have also tried to inject my own viewpoint surrounding Nokia’s brand and philosophy. In truth the biggest surprise for me was not the revealing of a Nokia product, it was the revealing of a Nokia mindset

Nokia N900 in Church
The aim of this, my final #BudaViral post, is to reveal a little more about what is yet to come from the Nokia Nseries Campaign, and provide you with an insight into an as yet unfinished series of short videos, locations and storyboards…

I spent three days in Budapest, during which time I watched full-time tech bloggers like Stefanos Kofopoulos and Jeremiah Anway geek-out, I witnessed consulting professionals like Ben Smith from The Really Mobile Project not only demonstrate his skills and knowledge but also evolve at rapid pace into an acting luminary. I stood in the shadows whilst Ben showed off his stage prowess as ‘man drinking water at the office water cooler’, Jeremiah played ‘wannabe ticket taut’ and ‘man in church’, Stefanos became ‘master of his own ship’; and then finally I got my role: ‘man paying cash for hi-five‘.

I only have one photo related to the above, sadly I missed all of the other opportunities because I was offline at the time ;-(

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Director Osmo Walden and his awesome team. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to seeing the final footage. Thank you for your patience given the retakes required on my non speaking part *doh!* ;-)

For the Nokia fanboys and girls out there you might be interested to know that four short films make up the Nseries campaign. All are now in post-production having special effects added and ‘hi-fives re-mastered’, I’m assuming they’ll be released to the public at some point in November (TBC). Until then then you’ll have to make do with the following images and videos, they certainly don’t give you the storyline or sequences because that would be giving too much away…

Below are clues for all 4 Nokia Nseries clips…

Nokia Nseries Fishing StoryboardPlease enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

Nokia Nseries Church StoryboardNokia Nseries Church Sequence

Nokia Nseries Boat StoryboardNokia Nseries Board Sequence

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

Nokia Nseries Office LocationNokia Nseries Office Location

My final note (an additional extra):

The Nokia #budaviral team flew out of Hungary during the early morning of Friday 18th Sept 09. Thankfully I secured a seat on board an evening flight back to the UK. This means I got to spend a few hours exploring Budapest on foot.

Wandering the wide streets of the Hungarian Capital I pondered the yet to be disclosed Nseries campaign positioning statement (tagline). This led to a series of seemingly random tweets in my feed. Sadly I can’t tell you what the positioning statement is but I’ll leave you with these few things to ponder…

FellowCreative TweetsBudapest FountainFountain TweetBudapest Tom JonesBudapest Tom Jones TweetPlease enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.
Soldiers Crew Break Dancing in Budapest I discovered these guys on my walk and filmed this using an old Nokia N96 using maximum zoom from approximately 15 meters away, the footage has since been compressed via the uploader.

Budapest Soldiers Crew

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