Nokia Booklet 3G (eBooklet and some)

Approximately three hours ago I was left alone with a Nokia Booklet 3G (as yet un-released in the UK), these are my thoughts…


Photo: Nokia Booklet 3G
Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Me

Initially I would describe it as a small, simple laptop built for on-the-go internet users, bloggers and potentially more traditional journalists. Some would describe it as a Netbook. (See the pen for a rough idea of scale).

With the likes of Ben Smith from The Really Mobile Project and full-time tech bloggers like Stefanos Kofopoulos and Jeremiah Anway already blogging their thoughts and opinions its pretty pointless me writing a review, so I won’t.

I will however say that the Nokia Booklet 3G looks like my 15″ MacBook Pro’s little sister. Its build quality is solid. And although its priced at a seemingly expensive £500-£600, I’d suggest that it’ll become more than a Netbook when some hackers get hold of its operating system (Windows OS).

Nokia Booklet 3G

Photo: Nokia Booklet 3G and 15″ Apple MacBook Pro
Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Me

I’m no developer or hacker but the first thing I did to the Booklet was attempt to rotate the screen view to evolve it into a potential eBooklet / eReader with a 1280 x 720 pixel display. Sadly the screen didn’t (wouldn’t) fold back on itself but the rotation worked instantly via OS/Preferences/Display. Sadly the track-pad didn’t seem to recognize the rotation and made it unintuitive to navigate upright – this said, I’m guessing it’ll get a lot of love from the PC hacking world… watch this space!

Nokia eBooklet 3G

Photo: Potential Nokia eBooklet / eReader
Original photo taken and licensed under creative commons by Me

Ben’s Review: – Nokia Booklet 3G
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