Creative Midwifery, an update

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, The Skiff co-working space has started sending out a monthly email to its community of Skiff Mates to ask ‘What have you been doing this month? Seeing as I’ve failed to respond to such emails of late I thought I’d blog a reply to anyone who might be interested…

The past months have proven extremely busy with client projects and some might say dreaded speculative work (from the usual bread-and-butter design-for-print work such as brand guideline production for enterprise and magazine adverts for talented independents like Remy Sharp of Full-Frontal Conference, to client WordPress sites and blog development; lending some free time to organizations like Nacue and P45 Camp – plus more strategic dot-joining stuff like writing Social Media adoption documents relating to Training & Education, online conversation and other shiny technologies – including some really cool opportunities in the arena of live-streaming video (hopefully more to come on that!).

From what I can remember I’ve not attended #tuttle in weeks and I missed Cozy Tweetup but I did get to the AudioBoo bash to meet interesting tweeple like @briancondon @dailytwitter and @alexwoodcreates. I’ve also had the pleasure in working with great teams like Toggle and Leaps & Bounds.


In addition, I managed to take six days out to go camping in Cornwall which involved an awesome sea-fishing boat trip landing me twelve fish approximately five miles of the coast of Newquay, plus given the fact I’m self-employed I managed to crowbar in three of those days to work from a tent surrounded only by cow fields, friends and cider =)

Sadly all of the above has meant that my ‘already infrequent blog posts’ have been ‘seriously thin on the ground’ but a break in my client workload over recent days has resulted in an out-pouring of thoughts and related research links from a build up of draft text/blog documents, quotes and random pages of iPhone Notes I’ve been pondering, consuming and bookmarking over recent months.

This weekend I unexpectedly managed to attend one day of Brighton BarCamp 4. And I’m hoping to get to visit Tunbridge Wells Tuttle this week.

I’ve currently got three paid client projects on the project board but in true ‘non-linear’ thinking fashion I’m also pursuing a few other endeavors/ideas including the long standing plan, the creation of Floor101 – an open Co-working Space for Creative and Digital freelancers in Kent and #Deathbook – an open-source campaign to raise awareness of Digital Literacy and Asset Legacy.

I’ll leave this post here for now. If you have any thoughts please do comment below and I will reply =)

Positive thoughts and Paulo Ceolho proverbs,
Carl @fellowcreative

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