Exploring Sustainable Creative Practice

The following presentation was delivered to students at University of the Arts London on 7th May 2009. An audio only version is available as part of the ECCA podcast series offered to creative students at University of the Arts London, it can also be downloaded for free…


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Alan Offord

Great presentation Carl, I like that you approached the topic of sustainability in business from a social enterprise sort of angle, a kind of karma idea, where ethical best practice will lead to results, which I know has been your stance for a long time!

Also great to hear that the widget is still out there somewhere, definitely a project whose time will come.

I can understand why some of the students were worried about 'making money' whilst still following sustainable practices, but I reckon it's getting easier now as more people are getting switched on to ethical and environmental concerns.

I remain, as ever, cautiously optimistic.



What a fantastic approach. Great presentation.