Nokia Clue #SearchforN : Clue 3 Part 2

It appears that Nokia has just sent me Clue 3 Part 2 #SearchforN

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I am under the impression there are 4 parts to clue 3, and the above is part 2. The accompanying email message read as below:

Hope you?re enjoying your weekend.

I noticed you?ve been getting involved with the Search for N and
thought you might appreciate receiving the next clue.

Actually, it isn?t the WHOLE of the next clue, just a quarter of it ?
you?ll have to find the other three parts before you can crack it!
This is something of a collaborative clue, and you?ll only be able to
solve it by sharing what you have, and making sure you find the other
parts. Good luck!

P.S. Clue number 4 will hit Twitter tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out?

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