Nokia Clue #SearchforN : Clue 3 Part 2

It appears that Nokia has just sent me Clue 3 Part 2 #SearchforN

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I am under the impression there are 4 parts to clue 3, and the above is part 2. The accompanying email message read as below:

Hope you?re enjoying your weekend.

I noticed you?ve been getting involved with the Search for N and
thought you might appreciate receiving the next clue.

Actually, it isn?t the WHOLE of the next clue, just a quarter of it ?
you?ll have to find the other three parts before you can crack it!
This is something of a collaborative clue, and you?ll only be able to
solve it by sharing what you have, and making sure you find the other
parts. Good luck!

P.S. Clue number 4 will hit Twitter tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out?

VITAL for Creative Students & Professionals

Here’s a little social-media goodness @FellowCreative delivered back in 2008 for the students at University for the Creative Arts, supported by the lovely folks at Nokia.

You might even recognize a few names in the speaking lineup:
Christian Payne is now widely seen as the UKs #1 Social-Media Journalist.

If you would like more information on the VITAL Event and the Pioneering VITAL Conversation Platform please do click here to download the Press Release PDF.

VITAL for Creative Students & Professionals

Playing with QR Codes

QR Code @fellowcreative

Quick Response (QR) Codes are two-dimensional bar codes, invented by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994.

Over recent years QR technology has begun to skew the boundaries between 2d, 3d and ‘Reality’ in terms of audience/user engagement/experience – as the 2008 Ford KA Campaign shows.

Over recent months I’ve been inspired by the concept of Augmented Reality for Education. I hope you are too =).


If you’d like to create your own high resolution vector based QR Code for a T-shirt or Large Format Print please feel free to download my Adobe Illustrator 10 Template File. Simply use a QR Code Generator to define your QR Code and then recreate it using this template – should take you no more than 10 minutes, easy! =)